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Will I be subjected to hazing?

IFC, in accordance with the Office of Student Conduct, has a strict no-hazing policy. This includes forcing potential members to drink or participate in activities that are considered either physically or mentally hazardous. Fraternities who do not comply with the standards against hazing set by the school are met with disciplinary action.

Do fraternity members pay for their friends?

Many national fraternities require their member chapters to pay a certain level of dues for liability insurance, scholarship incentives, leadership conferences, supplies, etc. In addition, individual chapters may choose to include fees for social functions and other various expenses. Dues are fees associated with being a member of a fraternity, while the friendships and bonds made through the process are priceless.

If I rush, do I have to join a fraternity?

No, rushing is non-binding. If a fraternity gives you a bid, you can choose whether or not to accept it. Individuals are encouraged to rush more than one fraternity to get an idea of which organization they believe is the best match for them.

What if I don’t like to party?

Fraternities are not all about partying! Many of the fraternities on campus have national philanthropies to which they donate money and hours of community service.Many also focus heavily on scholarship, sports, and many other enriching activities.It is important during rush to find the fraternity that has the proper balance for you, and that your values align with that organization.

Should I wait until the spring to rush?

Many people choose to pass up Fall rush to focus on their grades and end up regretting it. Spring rush is typically much smaller and geared more towards the individuals who missed the opportunity to rush in the fall.

How much will joining a fraternity cost me?

All fraternities will cost a different amount but it is important to talk to them prior to rushing to see if it is something you will be able to afford. Typically costs are higher in the beginning when you are pledging and then become a new member, and then go down over time. Often times, your level of involvement in the fraternity will affect the cost of membership. If you have any further questions regarding rush or recruitment feel free to contact the IFC VP of Rush and Recruitment at rushifcgmu@gmail.com.